Dear speaker at DISC 04,

It would significantly simplify the organization of the talks at DISC 04 if you could send in advance (before October 1st at the latest) your presentation slides in powerpoint (Office XP, or below) or pdf (Acrobat 5.0, or below) to Jaap-Henk Hoepman at

Please use the session name ( and the order of your paper in that session as a name of your file (e.g., Consensus1 for the first paper in the consensus session).

Please do NOT assume Jaap-Henk received your file, unless you receive an acknowledgement.

If you do not want to (cannot) send your presentation in advance, you could still use a cdrom and/or a usb stick, or even your own laptop, provided you contact the session chair ( as well as Jaap-Henk at the start of the break before the session. I hope you understand that the set up time will be subtracted from your presentation time.

Please do NOT rely on an internet connection (to download the presentation from a website just before the talk).

Instructions on preparing 'portable' presentations are available at

Looking forward to see you in Amsterdam.

Rachid Guerraoui